A Marlboro Man for the 21st Century

In the 50s, the Marlboro Man was created to help butch up filtered cigarettes because filtered cigarettes at that time were considered feminine.  The Marlboro Man has since declined in popularity for various reasons.  If I were a tobacco industry ad exec looking to launch a new campaign, I would look no further that this guy right here.  If the ads were to run in the UK, I might call him the “Smokin’ Bloke”.  I don’t even smoke and I’m ready to have whatever he’s having!


Kiss Me, You Fool!

Young love.  What a wonderful thing!  The feeling of butterflies in your stomach when he enters the room.  The seemingly endless anticipation of the next kiss.  It sucks donkey balls when it comes to an end, but when you have it, there’s nothing more potent.  Here we have a perfect moment frozen in time of two young lovers who are about to punctuate their horseplay with a hot kiss.  Too bad there’s no way to hit “play” on a picture to see the next however long play out.