I Like ’em This Big Around…

Not sure what this lost angel is doing, but here’s a couple of possibilities:  he’s reenacting that part of the story where he looks through the glory hole to see the mythical penicorn that he’s about to service; or maybe he’s describing how big around he prefers his cocks; or he could just be really invested in showing us that everything’s OK.  Who knows?  What is clear is that he’s looking damn cute while doing whatever it is he’s doing.


Rockin’ the Trucker Hat

Is there anything better than a hot guy wearing a hat?  I submit to you that there is not.  I always get pissed when I’m watching a porn with one or both of the guys starting off with a hat on and they end up taking it off.  There’s just something about a sexy guy rocking a hat that kicks it up a notch.  Our boy here has wisely chosen to leave the hat on while taking his other clothes off.  I’m ready to go on a long haul with him and take good care of his load.