Great Craigslist Pic

The minefield that is the “casual encounters” section of craigslist sometimes turns up gems.  Many guys don’t want to put their face in their ad, but they still want to show something to gain some interest and some variation of the shot below has become a classic.  I can imagine this guy would have an inbox that would be overflowing with messages from guys vying for a chance to drink in the beauty that are his abs and to ease him out of those sweatpants for the evening.


Exquisite Ass

One of the most aggravating, yet scintillating, things in the world is seeing a cutie in jeans and just dying to know what his ass looks like when the jeans are off.  Sometimes that can provide lots of imaginative speculation.  No speculation necessary here, though.  This boy is showing off what the denim usually hides and the world is a better place for it.


Rockin’ the Trucker Hat

Is there anything better than a hot guy wearing a hat?  I submit to you that there is not.  I always get pissed when I’m watching a porn with one or both of the guys starting off with a hat on and they end up taking it off.  There’s just something about a sexy guy rocking a hat that kicks it up a notch.  Our boy here has wisely chosen to leave the hat on while taking his other clothes off.  I’m ready to go on a long haul with him and take good care of his load.


Some White Men Can Jump!

When something is a slam dunk, it’s considered to be a sure thing.  One thing I’m sure of is that this guy makes streetball look damn good.  If I was playing against him, I’d let him dunk the ball every time just so I could enjoy his beauty as he worked it out in the pursuit of sport.  I’d probably grab his ass “on accident”, too if we’re being honest.  Look at him!  Can you blame me?  I didn’t think so.