Just Cooling Off

I hate doing yard work.  It’s just a colossal pain in the ass, so I hire some people to come out and do it for me.  I love this company because they always send out the hottest guys.  I caught this taking a break from the heat by taking a dip in my pool.  He thought he was in so much trouble when he saw me and he was.  I told him to take those fucking jeans off and skinny dip!!


Some White Men Can Jump!

When something is a slam dunk, it’s considered to be a sure thing.  One thing I’m sure of is that this guy makes streetball look damn good.  If I was playing against him, I’d let him dunk the ball every time just so I could enjoy his beauty as he worked it out in the pursuit of sport.  I’d probably grab his ass “on accident”, too if we’re being honest.  Look at him!  Can you blame me?  I didn’t think so.


I’m Callin’ Out To Him With My Brainwaves

Self-help bestseller The Secret tells us all about the law of attraction and how putting positive thoughts and vibes out into the universe will send positive things back to you.  Visualization is one of the ways you can manifest your desires, apparently.  So here’s a picture of me doing just that.  Let’s hope this karma shit works!  (Editor’s note:  this is NOT a picture of the author of this post, but he wishes he looked like that)


Let’s Go For A Swim

As a general rule, I don’t swim in lakes.  Not a fan of thinking about what all could be lurking below the surface.  I’m the same way about the ocean.  I’ve seen Jaws one too many times.  But if this cutie were to invite me out for a dip, I’d damn sure set all that aside and dive in!  “You want to go for a swim?”  “But I don’t have my bathing suit.”  “That’s OK, neither do I…”