Who Wants a Literal Roll in the Hay?

The phrase “roll in the hay” comes from the days when hay was used in bedding to refer to a quickie.  Now that we’ve evolved to better, more comfortable bedding materials, the phrase is just figurative.  That is unless you’re lucky enough to walk into the barn and find this gorgeous twink waiting for you up in the hay loft.  I would not care where he came from or why he was there, I’d just be thankful that he was there and hope that he’s up for rolling around in that hay for a while.


Twink Road Trip

Road trips can be fun.  Open road, fast car, hanging with your friends.  But it can suck balls if you’re the one stuck in the back seat for the whole trip.  There’s a damn good way to make that situation better, though.  Bring along a hottie to ride in the back with you and you can while away the miles by getting into all sorts of mischief with each other.  And by the time you reach your destination, you will have had a chance to explore every inch of each other.  For the return trip, the fight won’t be over who gets to ride shottie, but who gets to ride the hottie!!


Fantasy Safari Guide

African safaris are often taken in trucks much like the one pictured here, but the guides and the tourists are almost never as dazzling as this guy here.  Honestly, what landscape or animal could hope to compare to the exquisite view in the truck if the guides or tourists were this hot?  Wherever he’s going, I’m more than willing to go along for the ride.